In order to kill Cerberus, you're going to have to go after his heads and use your sword to deal major damage to them. The Spiral Staircase is a rather nondescript passage, save for the fact that it has an exit to Secret Mission 8, which you can find by hitting O while standing next to the red orb in the wall.

When that's accomplished, head out to the Temperance Wagon through the same exit you used before and move on. Finish the game on Dante Must Die Mode with any character. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This is the device that rotates the Devilsprout lift, so hit it until it lights up once, then exit through the door nearby (the one with the tripartite seal on it, through which you entered from the Subterran Garden). Just think of this... you have no prior experience. That's right, it lets you use Dash three times in a row without pausing. To the left, you can find the entrance to secret mission 12; to the right, you can find a red orb crystal. The easiest way to perform a face-slash, though, is to get your Trickster up to Level III and use its Air Trick maneuver, which will warp you directly in front of Beowulf's head, assuming you were on the correct heading to begin with.

You brute! Gigapede's sole attack comes in the form of electrical balls of light that he'll generate underneath his "wings" and shoot at you. With a little practice, you'll start getting an idea of when the best time to attack him is, so feel free to try the fight a few times before buckling down, reloading a save game, and giving him all you've got. You can expect to take a good amount of damage here, especially during your first couple of fights, so again, just take the blows, learn her moves, and restart the level from your last save when you feel ready to proceed. A sphere of energy will emanate from Dante's gun, damaging nearby enemies multiple times. Leave through the green door here to end the mission. He no longer has Beowulf, though, meaning that he can only use his sword attacks to damage you, but that's a small consolation, considering that they're awfully painful. Crawler: Hold R1, press towards an enemy, hit O. Dante will spike his weapons into the ground and send a column of flames towards an enemy. Stuck defeating one of those tough bosses, or on one of the brain-tickling puzzles? On the lowest level of the chamber, jump on the cube near the wall and wait for the rotating cube above it to pass overhead. You're Dante, a fellow with a mean streak and a bad, cocky attitude that is about to take on his toughest challenge yet: his first. Collect every red orb within the time limit. Entranceway Chamber of Echoes Endless Infernum.

The devil may cry, but we may drink... all of your stashed up "celebratory" liquor. If you want to repeat the mission, you can; the blue orb reward is replaced by 100 red orbs, which is a marginal prize for the effort, even including the orbs you get from the enemies.

We'll be honest - this guy is much tougher than even the two separate brothers. They seem to be a bit weak to fire, so A&R is a good weapon to use against them. The first wave consists of Lusts and a single Greed, who happens to summon in more Lusts with his coffin, while the second wave consists of more Lusts and two Greeds who'll summon in more Lusts. After you kill four cars or so of mixed enemies, cars with just Wraths will start appearing; you'll only have a second to shoot these cars, so be quick about it. It's best to go ahead and kill everything, as you'll get a health refresh in the bar, and every orb will count when it comes time to gear up for the boss fight at the end of this level.

Unfortunately, the puzzles in this room appear to be randomized; you'll just have to smash your way through them yourselves. There's not much point to it, and there's no way to move on, so when you're ready to finish off the level, ride the lift in the Arena back topside and return to the Subterria Lack. Another room, another set of enemies to kill. In this Devil May Cry, you will have different Styles to fight with. I must admit I would not have been able to complete the game without the aid of this guide. These red orb crystals will let you boost your red orb count, but only once; they don't respawn after you take them out. If you hit these, you'll be frozen in time for a few seconds, during which interval Geryon will be moving as normal and will attempt to run you down again. Although they have a slower attack speed than Rebellion, they do a decent amount of damage and can be used to strike enemies on multiple sides of Dante in short order. So long as you can get a bit of distance between you and Giga, this should be sufficient to dodge all of the orbs it fires.

Your goal here is to destroy all 50 objects in the Bullseye bar within 40 seconds. You'll probably want to just go ahead and fool around with AR during the first couple of times you fight them, continuing when you die, then just reloading a save and working your way back through the mission to take them on again when you feel comfortable doing so. Since they're so tightly packed, you may want to use your Cerberus to get your combo meter up and earn yourself some extra points at the end of the level. His portal appears in Missions 5, 12, and 17. Do so and ride up to reach the top, and the end of the level. On the left side of the street, there are two features of note. This little dive-bomb maneuver will appear quite often on its own, actually, especially after Vergil blocks one of your attacks, so you'll need to be quick with the dashes or with the Trickster dodging to avoid it. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Blue Eyes: The blue eye head will usually use a breath attack in which it'll suck in air, then shoot out ice crystals in a straight line at you. The second special attack is similar to the first, but instead of retaining his corporeal form, Vergil will morph into pure energy and follow you around the room, attempting to hit you with the little slashy-balls (for lack of a better term) that he formerly flung from his sheath. You don't need to focus on one head at a time; all damage dealt to them will come off of his main life meter, although they may actually have individual healths which can let you cut one off early in the fight if you focus on it. It's not necessary to beat the trial, but it is helpful. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Walkthrough Devil May Cry is back, better (and harder) than ever. Entranceway Sun & Moon Chamber Sunshard Entranceway. Avoiding the laser beam is a simple matter of jumping. When going up against bosses, especially, combining Sky Star with Rebellion or Agni & Rudra's Air Hike manuever will let you get far away from wherever you're standing in a split-second, allowing you to avoid most any attack so long as you know it's coming. This will get you an extra bar of health, and will also completely heal you if you're running low on vitality. Another room, another fight. Immediately afterward, he'll start a dizzying array of dashing and vanishing-into-thin-air moves, most of which will culminate in his "Blast!"

There are a fair amount of items for you to collect here; luckily, there aren't any enemies to hamper your style. Ebony & Ivory will be the most handy, thanks to the fact that they instantly hit their target, so power them up and use them to fire on distant foes. You'll note that the Heart has three separate health meters, with one corresponding to each of the three stalks of the Heart. If you hold down on the T button, more bats will be collected and sent out. Each run should only take a few minutes to pull off, giving you easy access to a bunch of cash, which will let you buy continues, healing items, gun upgrades, and new moves for your weapons. Her rocket launcher will usually only be fired when you and Lady are a good distance apart. After you get it done, though, you'll be able to move on.

After a dozen seconds or so, though, the remaining brother will jump up onto one of the pillars in the room, call the sword of the other brother to himself, and start using both of them at once. It is, luckily, quite easy to pull off. After you jump, Air Hike will allow you to double jump by tappping X again while you're in midair; this will effectively double the maximum height of your jumps, allowing you to escape from tight spots and stay off the ground for a longer period of time. Straight: Straight! Check out this Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5) main story walkthrough and guide for Mission 3 - Flying Hunter. As mentioned, Nevan will use up her bats with her attacks, and they can also be slashed away with melee attacks. One gun will always fire at the target you're locked onto, while the other can be aimed with the left analog stick. Helm Breaker: Hit T while in midair for a downward slash. The next set of Intestines will have Envy opponents, which are very similar to Pride enemies save for being a bit tougher. Point Blank: If you rapidly tap O while performing a Gun Stinger, Dante will repeatedly fire at his target, causing large amounts of damage to their chestal regions. You may have to do this twice, depending on how far you got, as the second demon follows his brother in quite closesly, so even if you avoid one, the other one may still hit you. Although you're probably getting tired of hearing this, the HoL fight isn't all that difficult when you get the boss's patterns down. He's quicker, his attacks are harder to dodge, and he's more likely to jump up and attack, making you more likely to get whacked out of the air when you attempt to avoid attacks.

All of his attacks are more damaging than they normally are while he's in Devil Trigger mode, and he, in turn, takes much less damage than he normally does. If you solely concentrate on one of the brothers during the first part of the fight, then you're going to have to bring the second form all the way down from a full life bar in order to defeat him, and this is going to be tough. Million Stab: While performing either a Stinger or at the end of a Combo II, start rapidly tapping T, and Dante will begin repeatedly stabbing forward with his sword. Most of her attacks are cued by sounds; she'll yell out something, then follow through with a linked attack. These guys aren't very difficult to beat, although they can be annoying; all you need to do is get behind them and slice them in the back. Don't hesitate to treat this like a boss fight and use some healing items to get the hang of their attacks before restarting the level from a fresh savegame load and trying again. The most confusing are the barstool in the darkness near the central pillar here and the few new objects in the area, such as the beer bottles on the shelves by the wall and the barrels hidden behind the three dartboards. You may want to just dash to the end of the passage, get the Fragment, use your Devil Trigger to kill off a few of the Eaters, then start making your way back. On top of a building nearby, you'll find a statue with red flames coming out of it; if you can get yourself up to a Blast combo ranking while swinging at it, you'll be able to gain another Blue Orb Fragment.