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Orchid Dracula (monkey) - home care. The substratum between the irrigations should dry relatively well, but do not dry out completely, i.e.

It reacts very badly to heat. This is necessary to acclimatize the plant and to prevent rotting of the roots from the transplant. We cultivate many unusual and well-known botanical orchids on just under 9,000 m² of greenhouse space, some of which are rare in nature. It is especially important that during the hot summer season the orchids are not exposed to direct sunlight, since bright light destroys the delicate tissues of the leaves, causing massive blackening and drying out. It makes sense to plant Dracula in lattice pots or wooden baskets. The flowers in form bells, hang down in a direction, color from orange to red, have no smell, about 3.5 cm in diameter. Despite its unusual nature, the Dracula orchid is not so often grown indoors. EUup to  €   75,00 = € 18,00 Shipping Costsup to  € 150,00 = € 22,00 Shipping Costsup to  € 250,00 = € 30,00 Shipping CostsNorway, Turkeyup to €   75,00 = € 45,80 Shipping Costs + € 35,00 for plant health certificateup to  € 150,00 = € 55,80 Shipping Costs+ € 35,00 for plant health certificateup to  € 250,00 = € 81,80 Shipping Costs+ € 35,00 for plant health certificate, Detailed information about Shipping and Shipping Conditions, Diese Website verwendet technisch notwendige Cookies.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. You need to water it with rain soft water. Dracula sodiroi is native to Ecuador. Feeding is carried out every 3rd watering and use ½ part of the recommended dose. The flowers themselves are very similar to vampire teeth or a monkey face.A plant can bloom at any time of the year, but only if it is properly looked after.

This wonderful and very spectacular flower wants to grow almost every grower who loves orchids. Father Sodiro's Dracula blooms in the summer and fall on an erect, slender, 20 cm long, few flowered inflorescence arising from low on the ramicaul with tubular, oblique floral bract. Summer temperatures should not exceed 30 °C. Orchid dracula considered the most unusual of all known orchids. Sepals strongly fused with each other, on the tips have (2 cm in length) "tail", inside fairly densely covered with hairs. The lip is oval, has wavy growths, 0.8 cm in length and 0.3 cm in width.

In different species, flowers may vary in shape, color, size, but they all consist of 3 sepals, which are collected at the base and form a bowl. It always seemed to grow better in the winter, when the temperature never got about 65. A weak fertilizer is needed from March to October. Übertopf), Dendrobium Mini Spring Dream Apollon (6 cm Topf, inkl. Dracula sodiroi can be grow in pots and hanging lattice baskets and placed on blocks. Long drying (especially at high temperatures) leads to the withering away of the tender root system of the plant. You are interested in natural forms or especially beautiful orchid crosses, then you are exactly right with Especially our Christmas offer, for which we are always offering new and unusual but also well-tried varieties for our customers, is very popular. As the location of the plant, you can choose the northern and eastern windows. Only then can you decide on the cultural methods that best suit you and your plants. In the dark season from November to December should not be fertilized. At the same time, note that overfeeding the plant is not recommended. This species was described by Carlyle A. Luer in 1978. In order for such an orchid to form flower buds, one condition must be met. From fertilizer and crop protection to the right casting tool, you will find everything you need for the orchid culture at home. The best fertilizer is fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in equal parts, for example, NPK = 3-3-3 or 8-8-8. Übertopf), Dend. Most often, it grows in moist forests and prefers to settle on old trees or directly on the surface of the soil. Wichmann sends orchids both in the interior and throughout Europe. Free shipping above 100 € value of goods. Give growing and thriving joy. This flower is also called monkey orchids due to the unusual shape of the flowers, which have a clear resemblance to a monkey muzzle.