Similar to diaphragm valve, with sleeves of rubber or PTFE, which get squeezed to control or stop the flow, Cast iron body, for very low service pressures like isolation of hose connections, manufacture standard. 108. What factors to be considered while designing compressor housing? It is a variety of globe valve confirming with boiler code requirements and specially designed for boiler blow-off service. Used for low pressure corrosive services as shut off valves. 79. What pressure tests are carried out on valves? Unsuitable for water or for liquid service in general without a cushioning device to protect piping from shock. 67. check valve. PTFE sleeve between plug and body of valve, low turning effort, minimum friction, temperature limitation, anti static design possible. Crude oil BP Range: 100F-1400F, lightest material: below 100F, Heavier materials- upto 800F, Residue above 800F. Desserts and offshore platforms where gas is available, for gas transmission, gas lift, liquid pumping, gas re-injection and process compressors. %�쏢 What is Drip Valve? Temperature in liquid space, at down-comer side and pressure in vapour space, in area except down-comer sector. Where plug type disc globe valve is used? What are the steps in selection of valve? Design Temperature vs. Material "Try not to become a man of SUCCESS, but rather try to become a man of VALUE" BASIC OF PIPING MATERIAL 14. What are ball valve body types? What materials are used for construction of valves? What is preferred location for pressure instrument nozzle on drum? Stress due to occasional events like Seismic and Wind effects. 1 . What are drum internals? What are flush bottom valves? For 8” and higher size. Design of PE Piping Systems 159 The Hydrostatic Design Stress, HDS, is the safe long-term circumferential stress that PE pipe can withstand. x��XIoEVb&&oY&cH:Ȇn��Ծ\ qq4��S ����W�T��8�CB�/��W�������K�pQ��;,^Dž�Z�G��X-�ׅ�K� �����|S��L�s��*�TVr�Ƞ��3[~�WqX�C���B Limiting nozzle load and moments connected to equipment (Pump/Vessel/Heat Exchanger etc) within allowable values. 101. Valve used to maintain a head of water on the suction side of sump pump, basically a lift check valve with integrated strainer. 15 0 obj Turn the hand-wheel in clockwise direction. What factors to consider for site selection? American Society for Mechanical Engineers. 80% of minimum stress for ruptures at the end of 100000 hours. It can also remove air from system, in which case, air flows out of system in valve open condition, but when water reaches valve, float inside valve raises to close the valve and stop flow of water. This term is used to indicate the premature erosion of the valve seat caused by excessive velocity between seat and seat disc, when valve is not closed tightly. AT the top section of drum at the end opposite the steam out connection. When to use these hangers? x��XIoE1NH'2��8�� LG����@H�K"K�@�`9���������=�x�8��oj�Vo/��� �s����qw�IziL�uF�G�v+X�3&���������r��_j"Y�^;%@�H�w/]��?��~��F�����S��oB/����ٽy���8:t�n�'�g�~�A�_���z���އo:[�"z@�`{#���q���D�X��2H�x�j�5,qȥԋO�L����6(�t�.���k�lXr|m���y�}>�!��6I�N,�Og��M7 For example as per B 31.3 the basic allowable stress for a material is the minimum of the following: n�J�����R�����NY��ɦ�A�U�'�G9=ja�]��Z+ԗ�tHI�Kw�|}���}u74��%@���rs�9�'%ßf���-���4�۳j����l� ��}���P\S�m� Globe valve should be installed such that the flow is from the underside of the disk, Usually flow direction is marked on the globe valve. stream Full port has to be specified in bom. The stresses generated in a piping system are as follows: 55. What is Vacuum breaker? 4. 43. 134. 72. It is the spring height. 25. What is the software available for performing piping stress analysis? A small valve with turned down end, like a faucet. Uses of P&IDs •Serves as Design Basis for: Equipment Design Piping Design Estimating Purchasing •Used to evaluate construction progress •Training basis for Operational Personnel. What are the steps in selection of valve? What is regular pattern plug valve? What is foot valve? Lube oil consoles, Seal oil consoles, Surface condensers, Condensate pump, Air blowers, Inlet air filters, waste heat system, compressor suction drum, knock out pot, Pulsation dampner, volume bottles, Inter and after coolers. All parts that come in contact with surface fluid are called wetted parts. 59. What are regulation valves? What are characteristics of globe valve stem? 119. 62. 16 0 obj What are drum elevation requirements? 64. ����:�����pB��^�O6�:M�~18l–0�.Hu�t��x�4�u���h�H���PU�P��%-�v��Z�T��Ѝղ�uX���Y�{���\�[����Y��j�A�VU���73�t0�T��cj��uxjn What is straight through valve? Kolpa2 1Decision and Information Sciences Division 2Environmental Science Division Argonne National Laboratory i���aߛ�`k/�YW��:Oٕ� U���E���`8'��;���:�r�b�4:�)6,�Q�),5&�X� 118. What are the types of compressor cases?