Plus it’s free!! Keep a human and horse first aid kit nearby at all times when competing. Having a horse show checklist and being aware of what should be included on that list can save you some stress on show day.

Thanks for sharing your informational article with us - I think the bullet point lists are useful, because they convey a lot of information quickly, but I think some of the bullet points could have used more explanation because of the technical nature of horse riding - for instance, you list "belts" under clothing items, but it would be useful to have a little more information on what type of belt you're referring to.

If you need braiding bands, check out the ones that I found on by clicking here.

Having a hoof pick on hand is pretty self-explanatory. Knowing this information first will make packing much easier and you and your horse will be prepared. Pillow wraps are puffy small-looking blankets that wrap around your horse’s lower leg and go under polo wraps. Don’t forget about first aid and post-workout items: When you just HAD TO have that ½ price bit from the tack shop, but haven’t had time to test it out first, leave it at home. Download our free checklist and know you’ve packed everything you need for a successful show.

Thank you so much! I tried to download the Horse Show Checklist and Stall Card,but when I click on each one of them, the screen would come up blank,there was nothing there!

You can also print stall cards for each horse in your barn and bring them to the showgrounds so that all their important information is […] You can learn more here.

Customising the Horse Show Checklist.

If you're new to showing (or returning after a hiatus), see the article "Get Going Showing" in our January 2010 issue. Please email me back, if you can help? Comments will be approved before showing up. Getting ready for a horse show is the ultimate test of organization, early preparation and deep, relaxed breathing-- 3 things equestrians are not always good at, especially if you show green horses! if your barn will not be renting stalls. Familiarizing yourself with the overview of the show, accommodations, for both horse and rider, and other expectations will determine what (and how much of it) you will pack. Introducing new tack and equipment should only be done at home in a controlled environment. Check out our recommended equine first aid kit on Amazon by clicking here.

Don’t wait until the day before the show to ask your vet for a negative Coggins or health certification. Cowboy Magic (click here to see the price on Amazon). My horse prefers these treats from Amazon. Thank you for the free downloads.They are very useful,and helpful too.JB in Texas.

This sounds more natural.

New Horse Owner Shopping List (Everything You’ll Need), Does Your Horse Need a Salt Block?

what horse tack will i need in the horse show? In English show classes, your presentation of you or your horse can determine whether or not you’ll place. "The rest of the article looks good!You don't need to change anything I recommended, they're just to make the wording flow better. Riders still fall off at horse shows and horses can still get injured. I know I have and that is why I developed the Horse Show Checklist!

Typically there are at least a few pieces of paperwork you’ll need the day of the show, plus a few things that are good to have just in case. Providing your horse with hay during travel and slow times during your competition can help keep their routine in check.

Thank you for reading, and happy trails!

Your tack is one of the most important things to remember when it comes to horse shows.

Show Supplies.

Please let us know a convenient time to call you on, (*All time slots are available in CDT zone.).

I always take a lunge line with me to competitions in case my horse is feeling fresh before showtime.

I'll be updating this lots... so tell me what I'm missing! This rule should be followed while you’re at the show grounds as well. Shipping sicknesses can also be a part of this too-- another reason why having an updated health certificate is so important; it isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s to protect the horses! For What your horse eats section:"Not eating will add additional stress to your horse, which may not allow them to perform at their best.

, They officially complete your show attire. If you plan on showing regularly, adding electrolytes to your horse’s regular feeding routine is a good idea.

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This is called an oxford comma, which means putting a comma after the second last item in a list.