In addition to that, it can influence the quality of care they receive whenever medical professionals or others who’ve got primary roles in their wellness and health do not understand them. Factor in … To give an example of the value of pacing, one person in our program reported that for several years she had week-long visits from her daughter and granddaughter that triggered relapses lasting up to six months each. Recasting Relationships and Building Support. I cry more easily, and I have less emotional reserve.".

Learning pacing is a gradual process, usually taking a period of several years and involving the use of multiple strategies. One useful method to explain chronic fatigue is using day-to-day or more universal experiences an individual might have encountered in their life. Some help you might give is practical, such as taking on tasks the person with CFS or FM is no longer able to do or providing transportation to doctor appointments.

Another solution to sensory overload is to have an orderly physical environment. People with ME/CFS can find everyday tasks to be impossible. Here are ways to help your loved one with chronic fatigue symptoms and provide chronic fatigue support: Learn all you can about the condition. phototake/Getty Images ... "Pacing" can help. But perhaps the biggest aid, and the we’ll focus on in this article, is supporting the person with CFS or FM in her efforts to live well with long-term illness. You can start the conversation by sharing … A patient may be able to get twice as much done if they schedule activity for good hours of the day. , also known as chronic fatigue, is sometimes misunderstood by individuals who do not live with it. Do you remember those 3D books that came with 3D glasses when you were a kid? Post-exertional malaise is the hallmark of this illness. The energy factory of your cells is the … I am a 26 year old student that has a bachelors degree in Kinesiology, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and currently studying the PhD Physical Therapy program. Most patients have better and worse periods during the day. For specifics, see the article Solutions for Sleep. People with ME/CFS have struggled for decades with their illness as well as with the impression that their illness isn’t real. Also, the aspect of humor in references like that helps lessen some of the tension that is sometimes present whenever you talk about disability and illness with those who do not experience it themselves. A final strategy for reducing the effects of brain fog is to be sensitive to time of day. The technical term is labile.

It means that these things are slowly moving and simply out of reach. You might have to drive your friend to events, drop them off right at the door or take them home early. Secondly, scientists are yet to unravel and understand the mechanisms through which it makes patients ill. For the time being, be a good ally to your friend who has ME/CFS. Family members and friends can help by supporting the person with CFS or FM in her use of strategies that reduce the physical toll of a special event. Probably the single most important lifestyle change for controlling symptoms and increasing the likelihood of improvement is pacing, which means adjusting activity level to fit the limits imposed by illness. However, the truth is that chronic fatigue is so much more than “simply tired.” It is an illness that influences several areas of the body and causes overtiredness so devastating that a lot of people with this condition are fully bedbound for unpredictable periods of time. This is particularly true in modern life. Since she learned to use pacing during the visits, her recovery time has been two days per visit. If you would want to get my E-book "The Intellectual Posture" and sign up to my list, feel free to type in your e-mail adress and i will keep you updated! Understand Your Friend’s Energy Levels and Plan Accordingly. You might have to pick up a few things for them at the store or drop by and help them out with a quick dinner. The most effective strategy is to take more rest than usual, storing up energy by taking extra rest before the event, limiting symptoms by taking extra rest during and taking whatever extra rest is needed afterwards.

Family members and friends can help by supporting the person with CFS or FM in her use of strategies that reduce the physical toll of a special event. You will find out that a person will more likely understand your symptoms a bit if he/she has had the same experience. ME/CFS is a chronic and debilitating condition that has a profound effect on the quality of a person’s life. Dietary changes are common with CFS and FM. Their, It Feels like You’re Seeing All of The Things from Underwater, Also, the aspect of humor in references like that helps lessen some of the tension that is sometimes present whenever you talk about disability and, Snuggle-Pedic Full Size Body Pillow Review, 12 Natural Products for Joint Muscle Pain, Products to Add to a Hot Bath for Back Pain, The Correct Placement for Your TENS Machines Electrode Pads, The 5 Most Effective TENS Machines for Sciatica and Fibromyalgia, The 5 Best Alternative to a Sleep Number Bed [Smart Beds Reviews], The 5 Best Recliner Chairs for Disabled and Handicapped Persons, The 5 Best Foam Rollers for Overweight People Review, The 5 Best Pillow Alternatives to “MyPillow”, The 5 Best Mattress Alternatives to the PUFFY Mattress. Some common sources of food allergy include dairy products, eggs, soy, wheat, and corn.

It can be a challenge to even prepare breakfast.

Some couples solve snoring problems by sleeping in separate rooms.

Whenever a person is experiencing severe fatigue, this is often the way they envision their body. Feel free to contact me with any issues or if there is something you would like to see on this blog! Most people with CFS and FM feel confused by sensory input coming from several sources at one time and are therefore more likely to think more clearly if noise and light are at levels they can tolerate and if sensory data is limited to one source at a time. As one person in our program wrote, "My emotions are much more sensitive than ever before. Wesley, the main character of the movie, can barely function or move upon being removed from the torture device. The absence of simple diagnostic tests for chronic fatigue syndrome accounts in part for this. Individuals with CFS tend to have low levels of DHEA (or DHEA sulfate), which leads to fatigue, brain fog, and low blood pressure. It goes beyond chronic fatigue. Pop-culture analogies and references have proven to be an extremely successful method to explain your symptoms to your friends and family. Third, sleep disorders are very common with CFS and FM, affecting a majority of people with CFS and FM, perhaps as many as 80%. One of the best stress management strategies is preventive: avoidance of stressful situations. Sometimes multiple medications are used, such as one to help the person fall asleep and another to help her stay asleep.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. The other two strategies people often use are to plan in detail and to discuss plans with others. Noise includes snoring by the sleep partner. A lot of people are used to getting responses whenever they try to talk about their symptoms. One common technique for combatting fog is the use of lists and other reminders. Institute of Medicine report:

Medicinal DHEA supplements can correct low DHEA levels in cases of CFS. So thank you, again, for considering ways you can help your loved one. As a family member or friend of someone with CFS or FM, the way you interact with your loved one will have a significant effect on her, helping her gain control over her condition or making that goal more difficult. Give A Helping Hand. Some help is emotional, offering a listening ear or some reassurance. With chronic fatigue syndrome (also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME/CFS) normal daily activities can become impossible.

Using nature-based metaphors is another helpful thing in describing your symptoms to other individuals. Often the solution is to eliminate a food or food group from the diet. If you manage to get a good routine underway, this should be easy enough. Thanks. “Education is a big deal,” Papernik says. As a good friend, understand the energy levels of your friend and plan accordingly. You can always use the unsubscribe link included in the newsletter.

For more on treating sleep, see the article Solutions for Sleep. Or they might go to event, but stay for less time than when they were healthy or change their level of involvement based on symptoms. Try these types of exercises: Hand stretches Sitting and standing Wall push-ups Picking up and grasping objects Removing clutter is a way to control brain fog by limiting sensory input. Two of the most common sleep disorders and how to treat them are discussed in the article in the last paragraph. 5 Signs That Should Alert You To Lose Weight. For instance, you can tell someone that the pain in your nerve feels like a wildfire jumping from one branch to another branch. As mentioned in the discussion of pacing, how a person handles a special event makes a big difference to her enjoyment of the event and to the price she pays. Just like the movie, it also takes everything they’ve got in order for a person to do anything beyond laying still completely. Many people with CFS and fibro are selective about their exposure to television and movies, avoiding material that is emotionally arousing and shows with rapid scene or sound changes. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else.

You can see how the red and blue inks overlapped partially but not fully. Can you help your friend with a few tasks?

He has been providing information to people that have asked for it long before he started to write his own articles. Avoid comments that belittle or are derogatory of their suffering. If you are a family member or friend of someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or fibromyalgia (FM), thank you for reading this article.

CFS and FM reset the physical basis of people's "stress thermostat," so that the effects of a given level of stress are greater than they would be for a healthy person.

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