You're planning your next trip to Costa Rica this coming winter.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You have never been on Reddit. Now is for Tangerine.Â.

This flavor tastes like someone melted down one of those clear gummy bears and infused it into the can, but in a good way.

Please I don't fuck with that Cúrate." Product Details. Whether or not you know how to pronounce it (or even how to spell it; it's just one word with weird capitalization), it's hard to deny that LaCroix is everywhere, and the best thing for you to do is just relent and accept your new sparkling water overlord. In a world with orange in it, there’s no reason for tangerine to exist. So let's forget the whole damned ranking system and focus on what's really important: Determining your personality based on which is your favorite flavor of LaCroix.

He continues on in an advisory position to assist the Dragon Friends.He has so far assisted them in everything from getting duke hats, appointing Pelicans as Fire Chiefs and saving their half dead and petrified asses out of a swamp in Vantage. Whatever.

Nobody can agree on how to pronounce LaCroix. You own boat shoes. Tangerine is the flavor you told Orange not to worry about.

This is 100 percent my favorite flavor. You have shoplifted from Bath & Body Works.*. I don’t know how saying grapefruit in French is funny, but I do know that if this is your favorite flavor, you’d probably find a public marriage proposal romantic.

Tangerine is the GOP replacement plan and Orange is Obamacare. This is untrue. Even LaCola? You're super-familiar with all 20 of its flavors? These people also like long hazy days lying on the beach, cute dogs, getting massages, sweets in general, and, basically, all good things. You regularly enter sweepstakes for five-day cruises in the Caribbean. - LaCroix Sparkling Water See also Stop everyone, you're You doubt but are curious about the efficacy of bee sting-therapy. I 100 percent thought LaCroix was French for all of my life, but according to my research (Wikipedia), it actually originated in the Midwest and is now made in Florida. You never take too long to decide what you're going to wear in the morning because you have six of everything in your closet.

La Croix Pamplemousse Pink Grapefruit . If you didn't drink LaCroix and just drank soda, you'd go for Sprite. Register

La Croix Water If Pamplemousse doesn’t quite do it for you, but you still want that gentle grapefruit taste, Melón Pomelo is an excellent choice. Here's the definitive, undebatable way to say the name of America's favorite sparkling water. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.

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