Following are the links to the article and course. (I can’t tell if this is a … With all of the different trends, brands, techniques, and products to keep up with, the task of finding and maintaining that “perfect” look can be pretty daunting. January 18, 2015. I’ll tell her which new technique I want to conquer, and Wendy has been very good at selecting soft, more forgiving colors and showing me how to apply them for a natural look. But I just received an article with a link to an audio makeup course for blind and vision impaired women and I just had to share. Please contact us at Please SHARE this video if Lucy inspires you! Even though women have been wearing makeup for decades, the techniques and style continually change. Her video helps other people who struggle with vision problems and blindness, while also being informative to those who do not have any visual impairment, which we think perfectly accomplishes her goal to “bridge the gap between the disabled and the perfectly abled.”. If you can apply eye makeup well it can, paradoxically, help distract from your eyes and blindness. It Looks Like An Average Makeup Tutorial, But There is One BIG Difference. BABY NAME WIZARD. Priceline makeup director Sarah Laidlaw shows in this special tutorial, blindness and low vision don’t have to prevent women from expressing their personality, or feeling beautiful and confident through the use of makeup. MAMÁSLATINAS - In the tutorial, Sarah catches up with Vision Australia clients Vildana and Kate to create two looks for women who are blind or have low vision and also provides some helpful application tips and techniques. “Makeup’s an accessory, and I just think you need to be able to present yourself beautifully, and feel beautiful when you’re walking out in the world,” says Sarah. Want to use LittleThings' editorial content? This inspiring makeup tutorial is done by a blind woman. Type in your ZIP to check schools in your area.

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It begins and ends with practice and patience, and no matter what limitations you have, having a disability should never be a reason why you do not wear make up. If make-up is done well she believes it helps to kill off any ideas people might harbour "that blind people don't know what they're doing." Thank you for subscribing to our Push Notifications, Instantly get the most heartwarming & meaningful stories.