TAG is the XR Adult Race Kart with Electric Start added. This class is for experienced racers that want maximum performance. Low initial and maintenance costs make this a very popular choice.

Be sure to practice the basics: starting, stopping and tuning of the engine. Grids at most club meetings are regularly in the 30s, and the standard of driving is always high. This will help you get familiar with your new equipment. After following the above steps, see if your local track may have practice days available. If the kart comes to a halt on the track or your engine quits, immediately push it off the track and into a safe position. Kids karts run on Sprint or Speedway tracks and allow the young karter to develop their skills in a safe and controlled environment. TAG or Shifter Twister Chassis. Dirt or Speedway Racing done on oval tracks with either a dirt or asphalt surface; left turn only (LTO) type of competition. assembly option.

These karts run on Sprint or Speedway tracks and allow the young karter to develop their skills in a safe and controlled environment. For several practice and race days, go with the kart set-up from the help you received from your local or distant kart shop. These machines were designed for drivers 4 to 7 years old. With very little change this setup can be driven by your Junior driver or by an adult. Runs the lower or higher HP engines. Yamaha | Vortex | Comer | KPP | Rotax | IAME, Voodoo VK1 is an awesome Race Kart for KIDS ages 5-8 has features of Race Karts costing much more. We know you will need spare parts no matter what.

Clone kart racing has become the most affordable classes in karting, opening karting to those who might not otherwise participate. add a 3hp 4-stroke Engine, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 25+ mph. Racing is usually in the daytime. Specs: 125cc single speed, water cooled engine On board electric starter Runs at sprint or enduro race tracks Top speed of 115 MPH, cornering at 3.0 G's, The ultimate ride. Sure, you may think they are too slow for you, but go karts have evolved, and the current ones will blow your socks off. ages 5-8. Sometimes the choices can be overwhelming to new karters. over 160mph TO MUCH BHP! The entire family can participate as there's a job for everyone to do from taking lap times to cleaning the chassis. The popularity of this class is the low maintenance, durability, and ease of use. 6.5hp clone engine option, 40mm Axle, Roller Bearings, 17mm Spindles, 10/11 Tires, 32mm Chassis, Approved for racing by the KIC or perfect for recreational use. These packages typically come race ready with engine and tires installed, can be driven by your Junior driver or by an adult, 60+ mph. This is one of the most popular classes in karting. TAG Twister Chassis. This category of racing for drivers aged between 11-17 is one of the most competitive and popular. KIC Race approved, Ready-to-Run option with engine installed, Great for recreational use or can be raced in most of the WKA and AKRA clone classes. The Yamaha class is run at almost every 2 cycle track in the country. Whether you want to race or just have some fun, the following information will help you get started, Karting is a great family-oriented sport. Enduro Racing held on large asphalt road courses using a lay-down kart that tests machine and driver endurance. Just add gas and oil. ages 5-8, Fully Assembled, ready to install your Engine (not included). Shopping Cart, Voodoo VK1 Kid Race Go Kart, Gas Engine, 3hp, Ages 5-8 IN STOCK, Voodoo VR1 Adult Race Go Kart, 6.5hp Engine, ready-to-run (IN STOCK), VS1 Racing Go Kart, Track Ready (Super Sale), Roadrat TAG Adult Race Go Kart, Electric Start (Super Sale), TopKart Kid Racing Go Kart Complete, Less Engine, TopKart Kid Racing Go Kart, Complete With C51 Comer, Emerald LO206 Adult Race Go Kart, Chassis only, less engine and tires, TopKart Twister Racing Go Kart Chassis, 125 TaG or SHIFTER, ready for your engine, TopKart Twister Racing Go Kart Chassis, 125 TaG or SHIFTER Kart, less engine and tires, Jr. Safety Equipment Package, Kid Race Kart, Emerald LO206 Adult Race Go Kart, Briggs LO206, less tires, Kid 7060 Duro Slick Tire, 10-4.50x5, for Race Kart, You don't have to actually race to enjoy the sport of karting. On your first and every other race day, always take advantage of all practice time. The exception is a used kart at a good used kart price for a first kart. It provides an opportunity to do something together as a whole team, Karting appeals to girls and boys, men and women from ages 8 to 80. Based on the Honda GX200 and clones, the Clone class is run at almost every track in the country.

Specs: 100cc air cooled Yamaha engine with centrifugal clutch Runs at sprint tracks or enduro tracks with a bodywork change Junior or senior classes Top speed of 100 MPH, This is one of the most popular classes in karting. We say this because, generally it will need rebuilding or the entire kart and engine may need some work on it. There's a place for everyone from local level up to national level competition. The result is they spent more money on their equipment or eventually buy a new karting set-up anyway. When we talk to new potential karting customers and they ask our opinion for their specific needs we ask several questions.

You as a driver have a lot to learn on driving techniques. Also most all local tracks have engine rules and you need to know what you are buying is legal for the class or classes you choose to race in. Enduros are not recommended for novices. Karts are very fast and are raced on big tracks such as Daytona International Speedway and Road America. Touch and Go Kart. Engine and Tires not included. This can be done by looking at your local track and asking several karters about a particular used kart that is being displayed. These karts come with a 50cc engine. We suggest when looking at a used kart, look at it as if no engine is on it.

New 2017 Model IN STOCK NOW. After which you can start changing gears, tire pressures, etc. Get a free web pageBut if you are serious about racing, keep reading. Due to speed and the investment, competitors are usually very experienced drivers.