They are less durable and more expensive, but on the other hand, they work well along driveways, because they are less likely to leave water spots on vehicles since they apply water in a very accurate pattern. Precipitation rate: This is the rate at which water is being applied to your plants in a certain amount of time (usually inches per hour). Manuals and User Guides for Rain Bird ESP-Me. You will need to know the GPH (Gallons Per Hour) for the emitters you plan to use. A professional irrigation contractor will design and install the most cost-effective and energy-efficient system possible. Available as a public service on, the Run Time Calculator is an easy-to-use, free, interactive, online tool for homeowners with existing automatic sprinkler systems.

It's free, easy and efficient for both homeowners and professionals.Learn more Zone Calculator is a tool designed to help the installer determine how many heads to install with each zone.

If you are planning to use Hunter products the calculations will be comparable if you select the nozzles by distance.

All rights reserved. Designed to take the guesswork out of watering residential landscapes, the calculator combines information on plant types, plant density, soil type, sun exposure and localized historical weather data to determine an optimized … Then, take the size (litres) of the bucket and divide it by the time it took to fill it up (seconds).

Evaporation happens to water from the soil surface, and transpiration occurs to water from the leaves of the plant. Can I save money by installing my system? Zone Calculator is a tool designed to help the installer determine how many heads to install with each zone. Each account you setup can be adjusted for your local watering restrictions. You can be certain that they will select the appropriate equipment for the job, while streamlining the maintenance required to keep your landscaping in top shape.

Your free account allows you to setup a schedule for each of your customers.

This calculator can automatically generate an irrigation schedule for your landscape and help protect you from wasting water. It’s easy and best of all, it’s free. In fact, it could cost you more money in the long run. The amount of water lost through ET changes with the seasons, so you’ll need to reset the watering schedule throughout the year to accommodate these modifications. If the seasonal adjust is set for -50% when the run time is 10 minutes, […] By Jennifer Klemmetson on March 31, 2017 in BlogNo Comments. Simply select the option below that matches your rate of flow in GPH. Generate your perfect irrigation schedule. You can even print your unique QR code and place it on your controller so you can scan and view your schedule without logging in. Replacing or Installing Valves, Building Manifolds. The amount of watering time reduced compared to the original run time scheduled can be seen on the Seasonal Adjustment bar below each Program or Zone Card. Convert schedules into door card versions with one-click. Audit Tool Install Examples Install Gallery Measure GPM Run Time Estimator Sprinkler Calculator Velocity Calculator Zone Calculator. Over time this savings can result in significant sums of money. Delay Watering up to 14 days (applies only to stations not set to ignore Rain Sensor) Manual Watering option by program or station. They are not the answer for all applications, in fact, I only use them in approximately 1 out of 4 systems, but given the right situation, they work very well.

Go to the hose bib closest to the water feed coming into your home or building. Make sure there is no water running anywhere inside or outside while you do this test. A contractor can do the job faster, with less disruption to existing landscape, and will guarantee his work. As you prep a new system for its first-time use, you’ll need the things to set up an irrigation schedule that will work best for the site’s specific conditions: the water requirement and the precipitation rates of the sprinkler heads or drip emitters. BAR stands for kilo per square centimetre and refers to the pressure of water being supplied to your system.

Regardless of where you live, the Hunter Run Time Calculator can help you generate your schedule so you will be on your way to irrigating a lush, healthy landscape. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Example: I set it for 10 minutes per station, and its watering 5 minutes per station instead. Historic ET data for your area can be obtained through online sources like your local university extension’s website. Copyright © 2020 Hunter Industries™. Simple graphics and images guide you through the setup process while choosing your options. Landscape Drip Zone Calculator. By using less water, you lower your water bill. No, they must be connected to separate valves. This calculator is absolutely free. Where should I place my sprinklers in my garden? This is generally less than 15 for residential properties. When you setup your account, each schedule you create is setup to help you brand your business. This is the flow in m3/h coming into your system. M 3 /h stands for cubic meter per hour.

By Noah Jones on November 3, 2020 in Blog, Ewing Irrigation on October 27, 2020 in Blog, Ewing Irrigation on October 13, 2020 in Blog, Irrigation, hardscape, sensors, PVC, pipe, smart irrigation, water management, landscape lighting, Seasonal Adjust applied to all programs or individual program. This refers to the amount of water your irrigation system receives through the pipes in a given time.. To calculate the flow, you simply need a bucket of any size (as long as you know exactly what size it is), a watch with a second hand, and some simple math. With quick and easy setup and a user-friendly interface, this calculator is a resource you can use any time you need it. Find your nearest Ewing location at Or click here if you're sure you have Flash 8 or higher. NOTE: The run time displayed for each program is the seasonally adjusted run time and only includes one start time. Adjustable delay between valves (default set to 0)

M3/h stands for cubic meter per hour.

Many home centers, rental agencies or hardware and plumbing stores let you rent a pressure gauge to test your system pressure.

Of course, it is always best to take the water and pressure reading yourself in order to provide accurate design specifics. Precip-Mate Sprinkler Planner has all of the tools available on the website and much more! If you can’t find an auditor, the next best way is to go to the manufacturer’s catalog, find the nozzle you’re using and get precipitation rates based on spacing from the catalog. We have 2 Rain Bird ESP-Me manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Advanced User's Manual Rain Bird ESP-Me User Manual (140 pages) Irrigation Conversion Calculator. Turn the hose bib on full blast and place the bucket under the bib. No! This refers to the amount of water your irrigation system receives through the pipes in a given time.. To calculate the flow, you simply need a bucket of any size (as long as you know exactly what size it is), a watch with a second hand, and some simple math. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This could be due to the Seasonal Adjust setting.

Rain Sensor bypass by Station. Can I mix spray heads and rotors on the same valve? Time exactly how long it takes to fill the bucket. Sprinklers must be placed head to head. In order to get the most out of your irrigation system, you need to have your controller programmed with the correct run times for each of your zones. These calculations will work with all drip manufacturers as long as you choose the correct emitter for the rate of flow. The best way to figure out the precipitation rate of your sprinkler heads or drip emitters is to do an irrigation system audit. Press the PROGRAM SELECT button to view the Total Run Time for the next program. Drip, Bubblers and Xeri Sprays are all covered in this section. Not only can you use this calculator to quickly generate irrigation schedules, you can also use it to save, view and send schedules to customers and staff via multiple devices, and brand your business. Welcome to the Rain Bird online Landscape Drip Zone Calculator.

Page 28: Special Features All programmed schedules will be erased. Your water company can also tell you the pressure of water being supplied to your residence. Use this tool on any computer device including desktops, smartphones or tablets.