Employees in the building and construction industry typically work a 38-hour week and get one rostered day off (RDO) per month – though RDOs aren’t mandatory under an Award. Australia Posts OHS performance how safe are your jobs? Why have senior executives walked out at Post? Telstra to outsource more network functions, Hands Off Aussie Post Rally at Geelong North Victoria, Clive Palmer speaks out strongly about Australia Post privatisation, Clive Palmer condemns 'secret' Australia Post sale plan, Turnbull and Australia Post Must Rule Out Service Cuts.

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In today's demanding environment, where change is constant and complexity is the norm, Master Builders (2) It also implements the University's Flexible Work Arrangements Policy and must be read in conjunction with that Policy (No. Landmark equal pay victory for Canadian postal workers, Consultation continues on Alternate Modes of Delivery, Members Urged to Seek Urgent Financial Advice Re: AMP Super, Post seeking drug and alcohol testing across workforce, Identity security of 1.9 million guaranteed as Australia Post continues to provide passport services, How do you solve a genuine safety issue at Australia Post? Council shall operate a 19-day month to enable all full-time employees to accrue one Rostered Day Off (RDO) per month. Cut Sunday penalty rates says Productivity Commission, Unions condemn proposed UK anti-union laws, Optus: enterprise bargaining negotiations to begin, Fair Work Commission makes Optus modern award, Labor conference resolves to protect Australian jobs, Free Trade Agreements mean fewer Australian jobs say unions, UK government introduces new anti-union laws, Plebiscite: CWU members reject rule change, Telstra goes cold on NBN construction contracts, At the bottom of the heap: 457 visa workers on the NBN, 457 visa employers should take on apprentices, say unions, Fixed line in decline: ACMA releases new mobile usage numbers, Unions alarmed by China - Australia trade agreement, Telstra moves more technical work offshore, Optus Business targets non-traditional markets, Telstra: big data to underpin proactive network diagnostics, Optus sheds more jobs, signals cost restraint, Telstra Enterprise Agreement 2015 - Bargaining Bulletin #1 - 12.05.2015, Directory Assistance rest breaks: CWU notifies dispute, Telstra wants new shift work system for Workflow employees, Shift loadings or overtime? Temporary visas - a front for "slave labour"? This Policy is applicable to all Health Service Providers. h��YYo�8�+|L��ER��@��V��eXʦ��;C�4%�9ܽ Post Annual Report Undermines Mail Crisis Claims - 4 September 2014, Australia Post CEO Fahour unites big unions, small business to oppose service reductions, Thousands of workers injured at Post each year, Balancing work and family still key issue for women, Trial of new method to capture time for non-EPOS counter work, Business and Union Alliance to Oppose Changes to Mail Delivery, CWU convinces Post that loss of a weeks pay is not on, Monitoring workers' health and safety at MPF and SPF, New tender on mobile material handling equipment, Australia Post provider of casual employees (Bluestone Global) goes into receivership, Licensed Post Office casual loading now 25% for all, 378 jobs set to be cut as early as September 2014, Workers angry at Australia Post proposed pay changes, Offshoring of member records and the Australian publics personal data, Australia Post wants you to work for nothing for 5 days, Update on 900 jobs cut from Australia Post, No Crisis at Aussie Post says The Australia Institute Report, Strong opposition to Australia Post's proposed pay changes, Changes to the NBC110 cc Motorcycle for Delivery Operations, Union Raises Smaller Seat for NBC110 with Post, Australia Post wants to change how you are paid, When did a 312 Million Dollar Profit Become a Crisis, CWU has met with Post on Retail Saturday work, Deeper sort breaks will impact on jobs in smaller States, Honda NBC110 - Member feedback on tyres and block pattern tyres.