For this moving book of photo essays, he widened his scope, traveling the country to find stories of resilience and dignity from America’s struggling “back row” — the people who have been left behind by meritocracy. The measly river in the painting reminded me of a struggle to stay alive. They are in the army, or they are dead. A trade deal with Turkey, whose border is just 30 miles to the north, brought new business and tourists and optimism. As for the regime’s victory there, it probably would not have taken place if Turkey had not withdrawn some of its rebel proxies to focus on fighting the Kurds.

Candice Carty-Williams (Gallery/Scout Press)

Akin Angie Cruz (Flatiron Books) Assad delivered a hard-line speech deriding the protesters as dupes of a foreign-backed plot to destroy the country.

Susan Choi (Henry Holt & Co.) Lefteri (A Watermelon, a Fish and a Bible, 2011) is the child of refugees, raised in London after her parents fled Cyprus in the 1970s.This novel’s characters are fleeing a different war, the current, devastating civil war in Syria. She had been captured in a rural village, and the rebels killed her husband and then moved her from place to place, intending to trade her for their own prisoners. . They stayed home not because they preferred the regime but because they did not want to risk death. Review: Christy Lefteri's 'The Beekeeper of Aleppo' weaves together two timelines, going beyond the abstraction of refugee stories. . I’m still waiting for him to find the letter and money I left under the jar of Nutella.

“They know what they don’t want, not what they want.” In December, he said, “Syrians abroad who believe in the revolution would call me and say, ‘We lost Aleppo.’ And I would say, ‘What do you mean?’ It was only a Turkish card guarded by jihadis.” For these exiled Syrians, he said, the specter of Assad’s crimes looms so large that they cannot see anything else. I had the impression that he was profoundly depressed and past caring about what he was supposed to say. Melissa Rivero (Ecco) I was under the usual police-state surveillance, with a minder from the Information Ministry accompanying me during my travels outside Damascus. Later, he was taken to a hospital, where a doctor told him that his mother was dead. The Affairs of the Falcóns A labor of love and a credit to the victims and their families. In my time in Syria, I met one person who seemed to evade both of these traps. “The rebels paid more.”. Caroline Criado Perez (Harry N Abrams) Many Syrians say they feel reassured by the sight of Russian soldiers, because they (unlike the army and its allied militias) are not likely to loot or steal. Drawing on her experience in the field, Lefteri writes vividly and convincingly about the trials endured by refugees, particularly in the Athens parkland where Nuri and Afra spend weeks sleeping in the open air, wary of predatory young men and noises in the forest. One was a young man who worked as a nurse at the Omar bin Abdul Aziz Hospital throughout 2016.

Before civil war broke out, he and his cousin Mustafa ran a beekeeping business together, producing ten tonnes of honey a year. latest masterwork by National Book Award finalist and author of The Giant’s House, Elizabeth McCracken. The only way to get them back? After the report, Basha repeatedly said he was threatened with death, and he is said to have fled the country.

They agreed on one thing: the need to keep the lights on and the water running. Wasn’t it from a tall building nearby? She will want to know how we got here and she will be looking for a reason to send us away.

I want to ask him who he once sang it to, or who it was that sang it to him. Look at her. Other people close to the regime have echoed this account, though there are analysts who are skeptical; it’s almost impossible to be sure about what happens in Assad’s secretive inner circle. One afternoon, a 45-year-old factory owner named Ghassan Nasi took me to the industrial area just west of Aleppo called Layramoon. He asked me not to report the details, because it might anger the people involved and limit his ability to work with them. host?

I hated to be away from the bees. “You should lock the door,” he said in his own Arabic.I can’t remember his name, but I know that he is from a village near Taza, beneath the Rif mountains. Before 2011, I used to stop there and visit a flamboyant young trader with a round, cherubic face.

(Aug.), ©1997-2020 Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc. 122 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011. I stood up to shake Attora’s hand and say goodbye.

Perhaps it is naïve to suggest that the regime could have offered genuine reforms of its own accord. “I don’t know,” he said.

There are piles of rubble so high that entire streets remain impassable.

But he added: “All this has harmed Syrian society so much. Anas Joudeh, the Damascus lawyer, told me that the absence of this kind of wisdom is precisely what doomed Syria. Look at the folds of her stomach, the color of desert honey, darker in the creases, and the fine, fine silver lines on the skin of her breasts, and the tips of her fingers with the tiny cuts, where the ridges and valley patterns once were stained with blue or yellow or red paint.

Review … They are emotionally devastated by the loss and destruction of their neighborhood but decide to seek asylum in the U.K. after soldiers attempt to forcefully recruit Nuri. “For the F.S.A., I cannot say, because they helped me and my wife.