UPDATE: I said I would need a refund, and the customer service rep told me the Student Password to try. I cannot see one. This is right up my street. Now you need to verify your student status with us.Thanks for registering with UNiDAYS. Do you have to buy a specific course on Groupon etc? anyone have any experience of this? Get instant access to all our discounts and promotions. Your email address will not be published. It is just refreshing the page after clicking Continue button. Me too.

Worked perfectly. Financial Blog of the Year – 2018 Headlinemoney awards, Financial Blog of the Year – 2017 Headlinemoney awards, Best Money Saving Blog – 2017 SHOMO awards, Best Personal Finance Blog – 2016 SHOMO awards, Highly Commended for Best Personal Finance blog – 2016 Headlinemoney awards, Money Blogger of the Year Runner-up – 2015 Santander Media Awards. Got ecareers as recommended and NUS say it is not eligible. You are asked for a student password but you can put anything in there without it affecting your application. Sorry but the £9 LivingSocial course deal is over. You sure this works for Apple? Try a different browser perhaps? I think I just found a free online course that gives you an NUS card.

Hi Sam, yes it does!

Am I doing something wrong? GUYS, as of today (29th May 2019), “Learning for Life” course accepts online sign-ups through NUS Extra. Have you tried it without the hyphen, so just ecareers? Yeah, it’s becoming more common.

Add on the discounts you can get at cinemas, theatres, galleries and thousands of shops and you should easily make your £13.50 back. Adriana. I wouldn’t mind cheaper local bus fares, but they say NUS Extra isn’t accepted.

Check out these top smartphone hacks that will literally change your life. about 141 minutes ago. It's worth having a look through your bank statements over the past three months and seeing how much you could have saved with a student discount card.

I was able to renews NUS for 3 more years using learndirect free courses. Now you need to verify your student status with us. Though it’s worth checking out other deals before committing. Pm me and we can work something out. Andy I’ve just bought the £4.00 Microsoft Office 2013 New Features..I’ve phoned for the course members number but the lady said I can’t get an NUS Card for this course..please advise? If there are any new tricks I’ll update the article below. I’ve managed to get Learndirect to work on the NUS site but I cant find the free life skill courses. Thanks. Let me know how it goes – and where you found the courses! I bought a one-year online course, can I apply for a three-year NUS card?

What happened? This thread is archived. They are asking NUS to take their name off the list. You can get online student discounts without an NUS card, via the myunidays site: www.myunidays.com.

I’ve got some more info that might be helpful to people: Through Apple chat they can give you a link to get a 10% discount, otherwise I think you have to go through Unidays.

The institution you have chosen does not support this method of verification.

Does this still work with Spotify? I clicked through all the way to the last step where I can confirm and pay the card. So annoyed as i’m not going to make the cost of my card back anymore. I'd advise buying a three-year card rather than a one year or two years. I have followed the instructions to the letter but am currently stuck on the Order Summary screen (Step 4) where you press Continue. There are a few linked to NUS including those provided by New Skills Academy, and NCC. av | okt 6, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 Kommentarer.

so not sure if worth it if i can’t get the amazon discount. Our smartphone is basically our best friend; the gatekeeper to the ugly selfies that you forget to delete, we can't live without it! Required fields are marked *.

One …

This costs £7 for one year or £15 for three, making it the cheapest way to get one. You'll need to contact our Support team to resolve this problem. Hmm, there’s normally a drop down option on one of the pages. Yet, I'm still walking around with my in-date student discount card and reaping the rewards of it. Oh, I don’t know then.

Confirm the provided card was issued by ? You need to sign up with your institutions email address to be verified into the programme. Now you need to verify your teacher status with us. Worked for me no problem. Copyright © UNiDAYS. Where do you study? I’ve just checked through the whole process and I’ve not been asked for an academic email address. Thanks for letting me know though!

Hi all and any updates if NewSkills academy are looking to get the NUS card affiliated anytime soon?

save. We've just sent an email to with a link to complete your account.

My new card is on the way. It looks like the ISIC card now comes free!

So it’s looks like the courses for New Skills Academy are the best bet for now.

Thanks Andy!

You can get three months for 99p at the moment if you’re a new user. I check this page from time to time (last update 2/8/18) to ensure the provider is listed on the NUS website, but to be doubly sure you can check yourself in the application process, which you can do before you purchase the course. Hi, Im looking on the Ecareers website for the £4 Microsoft but cant find it. And if you use a promo code with Go Groupie (e.g.

Ecareers are no more providing any NUS card. Bet254 Most Popular, Sales be damned, nothing saves you money like an old fashioned student discount.

I ordered an NUS Extra card anyway. Or in any case, could you explain how to put this information in the step where it asks for “Your course / Place of study” right after they ask you for your email. As of June 5th, I can confirm that putting in “Darlington Borough Council” as your place of learning, or “Learning & Skills” (both same thing) will allow you to select Home Delivery as part of the ordering process. Unfortunately, some student discounts (eg Young Persons Railcard), require a student ID, while some websites only accept a UniDays membership, which you do need to be at University to get. UNIDAYS - student verification. Hi Cheryl, the article has been updated with other options.

Hi when I try to do mine its asking for an academic email address. Enter your email address. Anyone else having the same issue?

Pay via PayPal or card and job done. You can set up a medical ID that attaches itself to the "emergency" button on your passcode screen that provides a doctor or friend with medical notes as well as your emergency contact number. An error has occurred. ... You should see a "check your student email inbox" to complete the verification process.

You can search the NUS website to see where you can use it, though many small businesses won’t be listed there so ask in-store or look for signs. Fantastic.

Alternatively you can try verifying your teacher status again. Everything I write is because I believe it's something you should know about, not because I've been paid to write it. This year though I’ve noticed a few additional restrictions. Can anyone confirm that they’ve managed to process the application?