E-APMC – e-Trading Platform For Agri-Commodities

E-APMC is a web based e-auction, tendering and office automation software with three-tier architecture. The software is a comprehensive system meeting all the requirements of the APMCs & has been built to incorporate the business rules defined in the APMC act & rules. With a workflow based system & role based access it has been built with a number of features for easier use by the APMC staff, farmers traders and commission agents.

E-APMC Process Flow

Benefits E-APMC can offer you

  • Integration of complete Agri. Chain Right From Farmers Land Record with Soil type/ health pattern Production Up to Processing.
  • Farmers Land Record with Soil type/ health pattern.
  • Online availability of information related to crop pattern and production.
  • Complete Loan record of farmers.
  • Dependable source of information for development of required agri. Infrastructure.
  • Farm produce track-ability shall help in boosting agricultural exports.
  • Real time production forecasting based on Government Procurement Policy.
  • Useful information for all stakeholders from Agri. input to final processing.
  • Real time online monitoring and management of entire available. infrastructure
  • Useful for designing various farmer welfare schemes.
  • 100% digitalization of transactions.
  • Supporting information for Agricultural import export decision making mechanism.
  • Nationwide Farmers and related stakeholders information available at a click
  • Complete banking services made available at farmers door step.
  • Supporting information for Agricultural import export decision making mechanism
  • Reduction in Post-Harvest Losses.

Advantages E-APMC offer you

  • Global E-trading platform to increase Farmers and Purchasers market reach.
  • Implementation of effective business Practices & processes.
  • Online availability of information related to crop pattern and production.
  • Modernization, Latest Technological Advancements with the Pace of ongoing Digital World.
  • Interconnectivity of All Private Markets and Govt . Markets, Warehouses & FPO’s.
  • No physical presence at trade location is required for Purchasing Produce.
  • Real time fund transfer through all possible e-payment channels.
  • Useful information for all stakeholders from Agri. input to final processing
  • Increase in No. of Purchasers using latest ICT technologies.
  • Exposure to all major national and international purchaser.
  • Best competitive highest price delivery mechanism.
  • Online electronic weighing system.
  • Entire Market Operations including auctioning, transportation, insurance, payment settlement.
  • Real Time Current Market Price Information Dissemination through all the possible delivery channels
  • i.e. Web, Mobile, Interactive SMS and 24X7 helpdesk


Benefits of all stakeholders in the process

Reduction In Book Keeping And Reporting System
This system eliminates the need of preparing the number of reports at the APMC for sending it to the higher offices. The calculation of daily minimum, maximum and model prices and arrivals of commodities is eliminated. Preparation of DCB statement is automated.
Monitoring of Traders/CAs Activities
The APMC staff officers can easily monitor the activities of the traders/CAs.
It will be completely transparent system and will not provide any scope of intentional/un-intentional manipulation of tendering/auctioning process.
Improvement In Market Fee Collection
It helps the APMC level officers in improving the market fee collection by means of accounting all the transactions that are taking place in the market.
Reduction In Manpower Requirements
As tendering / auctioning process takes place through the system, there is no need to have the manpower requirements in bringing, opening the tender box, processing of the quotes and declaring the tender results.
Faster Tender Declaration
Presently, tender declaration is a time consuming process as there are no. of bidders as well as lots. E-APMC software helps to declare the tenders for the lots within few seconds even for thousands of lots in the market.
Analysis And Forecasting Of The Arrivals And Prices
This helps to analyze the incoming and outgoing commodities,prices, arrival quantity of the commodities and generate the useful reports for decision-making and forecasting.

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