Internet Of Things

Bridging the gap between the cyber & physical world

Develop your business with Cyber-physical systems

With network protocols & the advanced wired & wireless technology of the present day, we are permitted to connect sensors to the Internet. This has helped establish a crucial connection between the cyber world & the physical world. VGIPL helps create better business models to provide new services to our customers with IoT. We provide a platform for companies to receive sensor based services allowing device monitoring, application development & data management.

The number of tools, platforms & analysis techniques, loads of sensor data can be easily processed to present relevant insights. The process of sending data & receiving insights can be done quite easily on any one of the many devices available like computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets & even the convenient smart devices that surround us. The potential of IoT is immense & the scope for transformation is high. Providing top-notch IoT services, we help bridge the gap between the physical world & the cyber world that surrounds us.

How IoT Can Drive Value For You?


Transform new or existing products or environments


Enhance physical processes with better information and digital automation


Improve services, operations or products with VGIPL’s IoT solution

Optimize Your IoT Investments

Device Management

Device Management

A single device can be related to multiple software applications operated separately, but the security of the device needs to be ensured. This platform also allows the monitoring of device’s connectivity & also run reports. Collection of data from IoT is can be collected & queried regularly & is essential.

Application Management

Application Management

IoT related applications need special features for resource provisioning, efficient user management, application lifecycle management, code generation & provision for application modeling. Since businesses might have to invite third parties to host their applications, this is very important for data & application management.

Sensor Data Acquisition and Management

Sensor Data Acquisition and Management

Sensor data is at the centre of any IoT application & the platform allows various sensors, devices, gateways, etc to register sensors in the system & insert observations. With multiple applications running on an IoT platform, a lot of data flows in & to manage it, an analytics engine is required which can include BI, data mining, machine learning, predictive analysis & lot more.

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